• How to create 4th Wings?

• How to create 4th Wings?

To defeat all the ReRe4Fun Continent invaders, the citizens need to be stronger than ever. To be prepared, they called to Chaos Goblin, a purple and small fiend, apparently weak but he made a spell, and by combining few rare ingredients with a small chance he is able to give you strong equipmend: Wings Level 4.

For Wings Level 4 there is the ingredients list:
- 1x Any Wings Level 3 +13 Minim, +4 MinimOption
- 1x Hell Maine Leather (Low Drop from Hell Maine)
- 1x Pheonix of Flame (Low Drop from Pheonix of Darkness)
- 1x Death Beam Kight Soul (Low Drop from Death Beam Knight)
- 1x Boundle of Life x30
- 1x Boundle of Creation x30
- Any Excellent Item +9 Minim, +4 MinimOption


Posted 14 / 08 / 2018

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