• GamePlay Info

• GamePlay Info

ReRe4Fun is going to offer you a nice & unique experience with build-base, very interesting PvM and equilibrated PvP for all classes, that can satisfy any kind of player (passive, farmer, pvp-lover, afk-er, competitive, etc.)

Some infos about how to play:
- after reset the status is still there
- every reset is at level 400 just for Gold Members at 390 trading the NPC GiftReset from GoldMap
- you can Grand Reset your character at 75 resets and receive and reward in credits (7500 & 10000 Credits)
- PK clear cand be used anytime for a lot of zen
- we have NON-PVP map, Stadium is the one, you can legaly KS there, but if you die, you will not be respawned into the same place.
- the other maps are 100% PVP, legaly KS and PK without be banned
- Quest items have a normal drop, not high and not low

Don`t forget about our Tournament (Season 1), there`s Hall of Fame with Ranks, all you need to do is play MuOnline and make any event you can to go on top of Hall of Fame, get a Rank as huge you can and wait the end of the Tournament to be rewarded as you are ranked. To make it more interesting, read always the news and if you are on top 64 after first month of the Season, you are automatically registered in the Tournament, this means `cause in the next two months you will be challenged to Duel, if you win the Duel, also earn score in Hall of Fame and go to the next round. 

Posted 28 / 09 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.