• Castle Siege

• Castle Siege

Castle Siege War is weekly at 18:00 Server Time
Register Period: Monday 00:00 - Wednesday 23:50
Register Sign of Lord: Thursday 00:01 - Friday 23:59
Guild Notification State: Saturday 12:01 - Saturday 19:00
Ready for Castle Siege Event: Saturday 19:01 - Sunday 18:59
Castle Siege Event: Sunday 19:00 - Sunday 21:00

- Friendly Fire is activated (30% of damage goes to allies also).
- After registering the crown, defensive team must go outside of the room and re-enter it (so you don't have to press ctrl to attack).
- Crown is with accumulated time.
- Every time when the Guild Master die or goes out from room, he lose all the accumulated seconds.
- Every FAIL of accumulating the crown (Example: You lose a switch, You miss-click again on the crown or being moved by spells) will cost you -3 second of the accumulated time.
- DL with Dark Horse can't be moved while registering the Crown. Also all classes on Fenrir can be moved.
- Sleep duration is maximum 5 seconds.
- Elf buff duration is 120 seconds.
- Crown switches are not in the center of square so they are harder to be kept.
The Castle Siege War is a classic battle, who is the defenders on to the end, they are the winners.
For winners:
- Land of Trials access where Ancients are dropping (low rate), socket items and JoG's are dropping (medium rate).
- Erohim access.
- Lord mix access (1 per day, jewels of custom).
- Good exp spots for farm

Posted 28 / 09 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.