• Western Union

    With this payment method you can send money from everywhere in the world in short time. Is simple, go to the Western Union points and send the payment to
    Last name(family name): VLADU
    Country: ROMANIA
    and after the payment is proceded contact us on Facebook with the 10 digits code and the amount of money.

  • BRD Direct Transfer

    BRD Direct Transfer can be used just Romania, just on Romanian curency (RON). You can use this way, going to the BRD Bank and deposit into the bank account RO13BRDE260SV54126312600 opened under the name VLADU ROBERT CONSTANTIN. After the payment is proceded, you can contact us on Facebook for taking the reward.

  • PayPal (+Credit/Debit Card)

    Log in ReRe4Fun Website and use PayPal for buy instant Gold Credits. If you don`t have a PayPal account you can create one HERE . And if you don`t have money in your PayPal account you can use your Credit/Debit Card to make the payment, PayPal will sent you in a secure pay using Cards.